Kenya Foreign Policy

Kenya’s foreign policy strategy aims at deepening and enhancing social economic development and prosperity. This has demanded a robust economic engagement to secure Kenya’s regional and wider economic objectives. Foreign Policy has been a key tool for enhancing development via economic diplomacy which advances the employment and wealth of Kenyans in a prosperous region. The specific objectives of this economic diplomacy are:

  • Increase capital flows to Kenya by exploring alternative non-traditional sources of development assistance and foreign direct investment;
  • Promote the country as a favourite destination for Direct Foreign investment, tourists and holiday makers;
  • Expand access to traditional markets and explore new destinations for its products in emerging non-traditional markets;
  • Enhance technological advancement by exploring new sources of affordable and appropriate technology;
  • Accelerate economic integration at the regional and continental levels;
  • Strengthen regional economic organizations, especially the EAC, and COMESA to serve as competitive blocs in the emerging global markets.
  • Promote just and equitable rules and frameworks of international trade.

Achieving these objectives has demanded strategic engagement on multiple fronts. Kenya has moved to transform regional organizations, particularly the COMESA and EAC, into viable economic blocs in an increasingly competitive global economic environment. The regional bodies are now focusing on promoting the free movement of people, goods and services.  To expand market access, Kenya is exploring new frameworks, signing treaties, and reviewing and strengthening existing ones.

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