The Ambassador

H.E. Amb. CPA Jeremy N. Ndola, M.B.S., O.G.W.

Ambassador and Head of Mission

Ambassador's Message

The Kenya Embassy in Juba developed the website to enhance public diplomacy. The website provides an opportunity to connect with the Mission, share relevant information, and enhance service delivery to our customers.

Our mandate to undertake this role is in line with the Kenya Foreign Policy, Kenya Foreign Service Act, the Kenya Vision 2030, the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Strategic Plan, and the Mission Strategic Plan.

The main focus of the Embassy is to enhance bilateral relations between the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of South Sudan. The two countries enjoy long-standing historical ties and cordial relations that continue to be transformed into a multidimensional and mutually beneficial partnership in all fields of interest.

Our goal as an Embassy is to further the bilateral relations for the benefit of our two great nations. In addition, we are committed to enhancing relations amongst the countries and international organizations accredited to the Republic of South Sudan, as well as enhancing regional and multinational relations.

Kenya offers one of the best investment climate in the East African region with limitless trade and investment opportunities. Kenya is geo-strategically located at the confluence of the Great Lakes, Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean. This makes the country as a gateway to East and Central Africa, with major trading blocs such as the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

As an Embassy, we will continuously engage with the Kenyan diaspora in the Republic of South Sudan. This is to advance the Diaspora Pillar of the Kenya Foreign Policy.

The site provides linkages useful for news and information about Kenya, with particular attention to the Government of Kenya, trade and investment opportunities, travel and tourism and consular services in the Mission.

The website will be continuously updated to inform on the dynamic bilateral relations between Kenya and South Sudan, other multilateral engagements and the services being offered by the Mission.


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