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Kenya, the biggest economy in East Africa, takes pride in its strategic position and commercial infrastructure, making it a logical choice for investors from all over the world. Kenya’s economy is rather diverse, with a free market economy, an active stock exchange, and a regional centre for commerce and finance in East Africa, yet agriculture accounts for around 25% of GDP. Exports of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, primarily to Europe, have lately surpassed exports of traditional items such as coffee and tea as Kenya’s biggest agricultural activity.
The economy has grown significantly in recent years, owing to a number of causes, the most important of which has been the government’s policies. 

Kenya has emerged as East Africa’s regional centre for trade, communication, and banking. It has the best transportation links (road, rail, sea, and air), communications infrastructure, and qualified employees in the region, and a diverse variety of global corporations have regional branches or representative offices in the capital.
Agriculture is the most important sector of the economy, accounting for over 25% of Kenya’s GDP. Horticulture, which includes cut flowers and fresh vegetables, has grown significantly and is now one of the country’s most complex and advanced sectors. Tourism is the country’s second largest GDP contributor, accounting for 12% of total GDP.

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